Join the rest of Australia’s best service providers on our newborn services directory. 

You spend more than you care to admit on ineffective Facebook advertising. Your content isn’t really hitting your target market. You’ve tried paying for Google rankings only to end up on Page 10, and all you really want to do is focus on what you do best. Because worse than all that marketing overwhelm? You just KNOW there are Mummas, Dads & bambinos that would benefit from working with you, yet they never seem to SEE you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The Bambino Bible aims to be Australia’s biggest online newborn directory. Bringing together professions from across the infant & child sector, we work with our partners to provide accessible help during all stages of parenting, from pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period, through one easy-to-navigate online directory. 

What if you could...

Have potential clients directed to your website, without having to do any of the hard work? With our targeted audience consisting of predominantly female, 20 – 45 year olds, who are planning a family or currently raising one, we act as your lead magnet, promoting you to a focused audience & directing potential clients to your website. We are SO very passionate about linking parents with support, guidance & advice in those early days, as we believe having the right people in your corner from the get-go can change your parenthood journey forever. 

Here's what you'll get

Whether you’re a small sole trader, or a large corporation, every business that works with The Bambino Bible gets access to the same opportunities & collaborations. We believe that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to infant & child services providers, so we work hard to ensure that you get seen. 

  • A directory listing on our site, with unlimited categories available to those businesses who offer a range of services to parents & babies. All listings are completely FREE and include Unlimited Categories, 1 location, 3 images & Google maps.
  • Access via our Shopify store to a variety of advertising opportunities & positional upgrades on our site, such as 'Featured' listings, Guest Blog, multiple images & videos, social media shout-outs, exclusive newsletter editions, newsletter mentions + more.
  • A full SEO review of your listing to ensure that you're seen by those who need you most. Where needed, we will work with you on your ad copy & adjust your listing to increase conversion of those who land on your listing.
  • Invites to our ad-hoc collaboration opportunities, such as guest blogging/podcasts, giveaways, competitions and more. As well as more traffic, these collaboration opportunities have seen our partners increase their social media numbers, grow their email lists & help position themselves as figures of authority in their chosen sectors.

“Having been listed with The Bambino Bible since they launched, I’ve loved seeing the growth of the brand & watching other amazing businesses come on board! Charlotte has been so helpful with any questions I’ve had, and she really does do whatever she can to help my business. I love getting notifications of random shares & shout outs of my content from The Bambino Bible, as it means I get seen by a bigger audience. It’s one of those directories where you truly do get out what you put in, so I would recommend anyone to get involved & see how The Bambino Bible can help.” 

Charlotte Marshall |


It’s free, it’s fun (or at least, WE are fun), & you’ve got nothing to lose. 


Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Charlotte Sweet; Owner & Founder of The Bambino Bible, Mumma to one gorgeously sassy 2 year old & another on the way, wife to a very patient husband & lover of all things baby & business. 

In April 2018 I launched The Bambino Bible, which was driven by two passions of mine. One: an unwavering need to ensure that Mummas, and all parents, are able to easily access the support, guidance and education that is crucial in those early weeks, months and years. I knew, as girl born & raised in a small coastal town (holla at me fellow Coffs Harbour-ians!) that too often, access to services is made complicated (thanks to Google preferring paid rankings over relevant ones), somewhat impersonal (I mean, who wants to pick a lactation consultant off a pink hospital pamphlet?!) and generally not seen as ‘the norm’. Two: As a small business owner myself, I know firsthand the struggles of getting a name known & a brand recognised, when all I wanted to do was focus on the end game- serving clients. You see, this isn’t my first business rodeo!    

My aim with The Bambino Bible is simply to serve both of these passions, in turn helping parents Australia-wide and supporting other small businesses like yours, to do the same. 

This is for you if...

  • You have a business that services, supports & educates parents (& their bambinos), such as a Hypnobirth Practitioner, Doula, IBCLC, Sleep Consultant etc.
  • You're keen to have your business be seen by more potential clients & position yourself as a leader in your chosen field through brand exposure & growth.
  • You're committed to your business & would enjoy working on collaborations, connecting with like-minded businesses.

This is not for you if...

  • Your business does not have a strong focus on supporting parents & families during the early years.
  • You're content with where you're business is at at the moment & see no need for further exposure.
  • You aren't interested in learning different ways to grow your business & prefer to rely soley on word of mouth advertising.


You’ve got to be in it to win it (by ‘it’, we mean those potential clients who are seeing your competitors instead of you!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already doing my own marketing. Why would I need more?
Did you know that 80% of sales are made after 5 to 12 touch points with potential clients? Offering potential clients touchpoints across multiple channels is fastly becoming a necessity in both boosting sales & offering positive sentiment around your brand. With access to a range of add-ons for your listing, including newsletter mentions, advertising space, social media shout outs, blog contributions & more, it makes sense to let us do the hard yards & target your key market as part of your holistic marketing approach. 

What if I want to cancel my listing- will you charge me?
Firstly, we hope it never comes to you wanting to cancel! But of course, we understand that life changes & whatever your reason may be, we hope one day you find your way back if we do part ways. Your listing is absolutely free to cancel at any time! Simply send us an email, and we will do the rest. If you’ve paid for any upgrades through our Shopify store, these are non refundable however we are happy to keep these in operation in conjunction with your listing until such time as their agreed period ceases.

Won’t people just Google me? 
According to the Local Search Association, almost 8 out of 10 people will look to an internet directory when in need of a particular service. A directory brings two-fold traffic; whilst direct traffic comes from people following your listing & links you share online etc, this is typically a smaller number than those that find you ‘indirectly’. These ‘indirect’ clients are ones who see your business via a search engine results page, for example, someone looking up, ‘Sleep Consultants in Sydney’. Having your business name on a directory helps improve your search engine rank, since the URL to your site provides a valuable inbound link for that search results. Many of our listings find that when searching keywords, our listing for them appears higher than their website, as we work hard on our SEO strategy to ensure your business is seen with keyword searches. 

How can I get additional exposure & advertising? 
Whilst our free free package is limited in terms of additional advertising, all members have access to various opportunities to increase their exposure. We get however that everyone would like a chance to grow, so with our soon-to-launch Shopify store vendors can purchase additional advertising opportunities such as advertising space on our site, newsletter mentions etc., regardless of your size.  If you have any ideas for collaboration or would like to discuss alternative advertising, please holla at us! Shoot an email to 

“Having personally known Charlotte for years, it was a no-brainer for me that when The Bambino Bible launched, I would jump on the chance to list my business! She has been involved in small business for many years & is so very passionate about parenthood, so it was only natural that the two combined & seeing the growth of it, and the businesses involved, has been nothing but amazing. This directory really is one of a kind, and I love the opportunities it’s presented to me over the last few months. We’ve worked on collaborations with other businesses which has helped increase my social media following, and it’s wonderful working with a small business owner like Charlotte as she really understands the collective target audience & how to help each business.” 

Amy Kelly |


Procrastination is the root of all business evil…you know you want to!

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