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Kathy Fray: Private International Maternity Consultant (one-on-one support from Pregnancy to Birth)

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Hi Ladies

My name is Kathy Fray; I am a senior semi-retired Midwife (who's caught HUNDREDS of babies), and I am a best-selling award-winning Maternity author. And these days, thanks to modern technology, I provide private one-on-one Maternity Consultant services internationally.

For many in today's world, who already have their business mentor, and lifestyle coach, and gym instructor, the idea of investing in personalised pregnancy-birth-newborn assistance is a complete no-brainer ... especially when dealing with THE biggest Journey of your Life!

For me, it's ALL about my passion to pass on straight-forward commonsense wisdom (and sometimes medically complicated knowledge) to the Mother-To-Be & New-Mother, to empower her to have the VERY BEST experience she can have ... which always results in the VERY BEST START her Baby can have. The mother-baby dyad is both so simple, and so complex.  I call it providing "Expert nurturing". 

Check out my Support Package options and Testimonials at - and to chat more about whether I'm the right fit for you, book in a FREE phone-call with me at

One big reality, is that, over the course of the next 18-20 years of what your child will cost, the money spent on Me will end up being dwarfed into insignificance - like a few drips into the bathtub of parenting - and I know that for sure, as our children are all yadults now driving their own cars! (Yes, time does fly when you're having fun.)

BUT, getting the healthiest start for Baby and the happiest start for Mother, we know can impact things forever!

It's all just about knowing what to know.

Love & Light, Kathy

PS - Feel free to also check out all my free info resources on my website

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Phone: +64274364750

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