Nothing spells awkwardness as a parent-to-be more than the negotiation of well-meaning visitors & ill-timed drop-ins.

Oftentimes, it’s not just the Mumma suffering ‘baby brain’; loved ones are so caught up in the excitement of the newest arrival that they come to visit with the sniffles, bang on the door waking your baby & even worse, announce the birth to their own friends before you do!

Well fear not parents-to-be, because we’ve got your back! We’ve designed beautiful, social media worthy templates for you to splash about, so those closest to you are aware of your wishes, without you having to have the conversation with each & every one of them. Simply post the templates on your Facebook/Instagram, and enjoy the final few weeks of pregnancy & beyond.

In the download, you’ll find templates to use on social media, or print to give to family & friends (handy tip: save the PDF to your iBooks for easy screenshotting). They include:

1) ‘No Vax, No Visit’ (the perfect way to avoid the awkward Vax/No Vax discussion!)

2) ‘Arriving Soon- Social Media Ban’ (i.e. don’t try & rain on our parade Susan!)

3) ‘Premature Arrival’ – Female Version

4) ‘Premature Arrival’ – Male Version

5) ‘Baby Sleeping’ Door sign (i.e. if you dare ring that doorbell I will personally murder you)

6) ‘Please Visit’ (the polite way to explain that drop-ins are definitely NOT welcomed)

7) ‘Infant Loss Announcement’ – Female Version

8) ‘Infant Loss Announcement’ – Male Version

We hope you absolutely LOVE using our templates…don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@the_bambino_bible) or share on Facebook too!

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