High off baby powder fumes & sifting through piles of lookalike swaddles; oftentimes, whether with baby or not, buying baby shower gifts can be downright confusing & oftentimes leads to the Mumma-to-be ending up with double (and quadruple) – ups.

What makes baby shower gift buying even more difficult? When it’s not Baby #1!

Never fear present buyers…we’ve complied the best list of gifts to buy for families expecting siblings, so you can place that ‘Best Present Buyer’  crown upon your pretty head once again!

1) A Play Pen

Whilst is may seem boring (and cumbersome depending on the housing situation), a play pen for the newest member of the family is a true sanity saver. Having a play pen, where the youngest child can play with age appropriate toys, and is free to explore & learn without boundaries and ‘No’s’ is an amazing way to foster independence & imagination– a god send for parents of multiple children. As well as encouraging a love for independent play, a play pen ensures that the elder sibling & their play-time creations (like Lego towers & car-track mazes) are respected & aren’t at threat of destruction from curious little hands. Whilst eventually, sharing & playing together is one goal, it’s important that the elder sibling also has a safe space to continue their development through play; having separate ‘Yes’ spaces where they can each explore, create & learn is a sure-fire way to promote respect & love between siblings, (and avoid toddler meltdowns)!

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2)  Baby Dome

I can see your furrowed brows from here dear friends…WTF is a baby dome?!

It’s a life-saver really.

When siblings come into the world, no longer are the newborn days filled with lazing (i.e. exhausting yourself) around home. More so, they are filled with toddler activities, play dates, and sanity-saving visits to anywhere but the 4 walls of your house! Cue the baby dome. Once the newest addition to the family is on the move, whether wriggling, sitting, or actually crawling, it can be extremely hard & exhausting for parents to keep them contained & safe whilst wrangling a toddler/sibling. The portable baby dome is an amazing way to again, provide a safe space for play, & avoid the tears that one surprising day start to spring the moment your baby is left in the pram for more than 2 minutes (dear God, give me a sleepy newborn content in a pram any day!)

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Baby Dome by Fisher Price

3) The Baby Shusher

Aptly titled ‘the sleep miracle’, The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary device that uses loud, rhythmic sound to soothe your fussy baby, with bonus points for being fully portable, volume adjustable & a built in timer! Nothing spells ‘broken sleep’ like a rowdy toddler in the house, so parents of siblings will LOVE this product for it’s ability to drown out tantrums & squeals of delight alike, as well as capitalizing on the well-known benefits of using white noise as a soothing mechanism for small babies. Chuck it in the pram, in the car, in the crib, and anywhere else that the newest addition needs settling!

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4) Feeding Box

Feeding a newborn can be, among other things, downright time-consuming! And what’s a surefire way to ensure that your toddler will require your undivided attention? You, sitting down for a split second, to try to feed your baby. Cue the ‘feeding box’. The premise of the box is to provide a special play box that the first little love can bring out to play every time feeding starts; filled with prized possessions, special treats, toys, and anything else that will keep them entertained for the best part of an hour! We love this keepsake box from Hooked in a Box that you can engrave to make it super special…fill it with a mini magna doodle, a special Lego set, some gorgeous stickers & glitter pens & you’ve got a winning present!

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Hooked in a Box Keepsake Box

5) SNOO Smart Sleeper 

Whilst it’s on the higher end of the price scale for baby shower gifts, the SNOO Smart Sleeper should really be called the SNOO Sanity Saver! Created by Dr Harvey Karp (who famously coined the ever-popular & fool-proof baby settling method of the ‘5 S’s’), the SNOO is a revolutionary bassinet that applies these 5 principles to near-guarantee a restful & content baby, especially during the 4th trimester. Any parent of siblings would know that the only thing harder than getting used to newborn wakes overnight, is dealing with a toddler trying to ‘help’ resettle during the day. Oftentimes, it’s hours spent bribing & pleading to have some peace & quiet to help your littest love to sleepy land, which is where the SNOO comes into it’s element. Complete with a 5 second in-built swaddle, smart white noise that responds automatically to various cries with 5 different levels of white noise & motion, and a weaning option, it’s one gift that really will buy the most precious commodity for new parents- sleep (we’ve also got your top 6 newborn sleep tips here too!)

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SNOO Sleep by Happiest Baby

6) Siblings Without Rivalry

Whilst the bookshelves are filled with pregnancy & parenting books, few delve into the complex relationship between siblings, and how we as parents can help foster goodwill & reduce hostility between siblings. Introducing another sibling to the family is a HUGE shift in the family dynamic, and perhaps the biggest shift comes in the still relatively new world of the older sibling/s. Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too is a New York Time best-seller, and is the perfect gift for those parents who want practical, respectful & positive ways to help their family adjust.

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7) Baby Breeza Formula Maker

The claim is that Baby Breeza Formula Pro will save you 30 minutes per day feeding your baby, and for a sleep deprived Mumma (or Dad) of multiple children, those 30 minutes could literally be life or death (OK, maybe not death, but a non-showered, puke covered Mum-bun replica of a person). The Baby Breeza is a revolutionary way to make warm, perfectly measured bottles in seconds…simply fill with water, add your formula powder (it holds 700g, enough for 20 x 230ml bottles), and when you’re ready, select the bottle size you want & your formula will be mixed, heated & dispensed in under 30 seconds! Whilst we can hear the ‘lazy parenting witch hunt’ from here, we are ALLLL about utilizing technology to make parent’s lives easier, so be a good sport & buy the outrageously ‘lazy’ gift that parents might be too worried to buy themselves!

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Baby Breeza via babybreeza.com


Written by Charlotte Sweet, founder of The Bambino Bible & lover of all things baby. You can join in the conversation anytime by visiting our Mumma Hub on Facebook, or take a peek at our Instagram feed for pretty boxes with all the baby-kn0w-how!   

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