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As a parent, whether a first timer or fifth timer, it’s safe to say that more than once in our little bambino’s lives, we look for the ‘experts’. But what happens when those experts can’t be found? What happens when you know you need help, but don’t even know if that help exists?

The Bambino Bible is the answer to your prayer.

As a first time Mum to my now gorgeous 2 year old daughter, Isla, there were often times throughout our few couple of weeks and months where I questioned everything & the new-mum anxiety kicked in…’how do I know if she’s full?’, ‘will this create a bad habit?’, ‘is this behaviour normal?’ etc. Thankfully, living where I lived, and working as a Sleep Consultant, I had access & knowledge of a myriad of professionals who I sought help from in those first few months- lactation consultants, chiropractors, paediatricians & oral tie experts just to name a few! What I didn’t realise however, was just how many other parents were seeking these services & sometimes failing to find them.

The Bambino Bible was created to as a one-stop service directory for all parents, when it comes to everything baby related. Having been born & raised in the small coastal town of Coffs Harbour, I knew that oftentimes finding services was ‘hit & miss’, with many small businesses not appearing on Google or the like. It’s my aim with The Bambino Bible to provide a place where even the most regionally based Mummas (and Daddies!) can seek any service they require. Support for parents in the first few years is absolutely crucial, and my hope is that with a directory such as this, parents feel confident knowing there are hundreds of services out there to help them in their journeys.


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